Player Profile – Jan. 9

Player: Richard Robinson, age 22

Hometown: Missoula, MT

Involvement with Glacier Ice Rink: Has worked at the rink for seven years, first as a rink attendant and now as the rink supervisor. Played in the youth hockey program and the adult hockey league.


How long have you played hockey?

12 years.


What got you into hockey?

My dad played goalie in college. We watched hockey together when I was growing up, so were looking for a sport to do together. He taught me everything I know about hockey and still comes to watch my games (Rick Robinson coached our high school house league for years, even after Richard graduated).


What do you like most about hockey?

It used to be the competitiveness. Now it’s the exercise. I set aside an hour or two each week to have fun and relax.


What’s your favorite on-ice moment?

Winning the Community Cup tournament this year with the Glacier Ice Rink team. It was the first championship I’ve ever won.


What does Glacier Ice Rink mean to you?

It’s always felt like family on both the hockey side and the work side. I’ve never shown up and not wanted to be here.


What do you do outside of hockey?

Golf. And be at the rink.