Player Profile – Dec. 4

Player: Mitch Willert, age 24.

Hometown: Sun Prairie, WI

What brought you to Missoula?

I applied to the UM athletic training program as a graduate assistant.

What’s your involvement with Glacier Ice Rink?

I’m the athletic trainer for the Missoula Jr. Bruins and Missoula Youth Hockey program, and play in the Glacier Hockey League Cup division.

How long have you played hockey?

19 years

What got you into hockey?

My dad played while I was growing up, so my sister and I started playing.

What do you like most about hockey?

It’s an outlet from reality

What’s your favorite on-ice memory?

There’s so many that it’s hard to choose. I would say my first varsity hockey game. I grew up watching the high school games, so I was excited when I made the team as a freshman. I spent the first game trying not to get killed because I was small.

What does Glacier Ice Rink mean to you?

I spend the majority of my time at the rink for six months. If I didn’t have the rink, I don’t know what I’d do with myself during the winter – for recreation or work.

What do you do outside of hockey?

I enjoy exploring the outdoors in Montana, playing golf and hanging out with Kristen (my fiancee) and my dog.