Cold Weather Policy

Adult (GHL) and youth (MAYHA) hockey activities scheduled on the outside rink will be canceled if the temperature at the rink is forecasted to reach 0°F.

Youth Hockey: The youth hockey director will make a cancellation decision by noon for all afternoon/evening youth hockey practices.

Adult Hockey: The adult hockey director will make a cancellation decision at least two hours prior to the first game of the evening.

Decisions will be based on the best weather information available and directors may err on the side of safety for our patrons by cancelling activities before the temperature threshold is reached. Due to traveling considerations, tournaments and travel games will be played as scheduled.

Cancellation information will be posted on website and social media should cancellations occur. Activities scheduled on the inside rink are not affected by weather.

Public programs (public skate, stick & puck, pick-up hockey and open figure skating) take place as scheduled, unless the rink director feels that negative temperatures pose a safety issue to patrons and staff.

User groups (WHAM, MFSC and MCC) each have their own cancellation policies and notification procedures.

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