Message from Board of Directors

We are excited to welcome you all to another exciting year of hockey, skating, community and fun at the Glacier Ice Rink! The success of our programs and demand for ice has been a testament to the amazing ice sports community we are fortunate to be a part of. However, as we are all too aware, the natural consequence of our growing love of ice sports has been a shortage of available ice here in Missoula.
To address this issue the MAYHA Board of Directors (Board) has been working diligently to support the current operation of Glacier Ice Rink and strategically plan for more ice for our community.
There has been much work done on this front. In the past 3 years some of that work has included:
1.   Working with the County in developing the Fairgrounds master plan to accommodate a footprint for a new facility that will better accommodate the future growth and needs of our ice sports community.
2.   Partnering with the City, the County and ice sport user groups to commission a study to examine the market demand and support for a third sheet of ice and dedicated curling facility.
3.   Commissioning an extensive report on the feasibility and sustainability of our current facilities. Approved and funded numerous operational and safety component improvements (often behind the scenes to the users) as outlined in the report.
4.   Partnering with the County to conduct a survey of ice usage, user preferences for design features, and possible future ice use.
5.   Partnering with the County to hold community feedback, a charrette and further design meetings which resulted in a proposed all-in facility design by the 292 Design Group for a new 3 sheet ice facility that would fit in the new Fairgrounds master plan.
6.   Hosting retreats with County Representatives and ice sport user groups to discuss management, vision, and governance of new ice sport facilities.
7.   Researching possibilities for funding additional sheets of ice.
We are excited with the progress that we have made and to share this progress with you. One of the important next steps is figuring out the governance of new ice facilities under different possible funding scenarios. To that end, the Board is working diligently to collaborate with our landlord, Missoula County, as well as the Missoula Curling Club, Missoula Figure Skating Club, the Junior Bruins hockey organization and the Women’s Hockey Association of Missoula to develop a future vision.
The Board has drafted and presented the attached proposal to the Board of County Commissioners for one possible governance vision should funding be pursued under a general obligation bond. To be clear, the Board is not yet committed to any particular strategy for funding of a new facility. But governance of any new facility must be worked out under different funding strategies and the Board is committed to due diligence for any and all possible options.
The Board believes this proposal represents the needs and desires of the County and broader ice community in establishing an organization that can effectively and efficiently operate a new ice facility under this particular funding scenario. A strong facility management structure and organization, in a modern ice facility with greater capacity, will allow MAYHA and all other ice sport groups to continue to run and expand successful programs for years to come.
In the coming months the Board is committed to working with the County and greater ice user community to explore additional options for rink design options, funding sources, phasing, and governance in each situation. There is much more work to do and there will be a multitude of ways you will be called on to support the community in moving forward to the new facility. Thank you for your patience and support and here’s to a great new season of ice sports at Glacier Ice Rink!
Your MAYHA Board of Directors