Player Profile – Feb. 19

Player: Colton Schiele, age 9

Hometown: Stevensville, MT

Involvement with Glacier Ice Rink: Player on Squirt travel team


How long have you played hockey?

This is my 5th year


What got you into hockey?

My mom took me to a Missoula Maulers game and I loved it.


Who started first – you or your Dad?



Who’s better?



What do you like most about hockey?



What’s your favorite on-ice memory?

I broke my stick and Mom bought me a new one. The first touch with it was a goal.


What does Glacier Ice Rink mean to you?

I like that it does a lot of hockey.


What do you do outside of hockey?

I play hockey in the basement with my brother.


How many windows have you broken?

Zero. I’m accurate.


Do you name all your dogs after hockey?

I wish. Just Crosby and Stanley.


Why should someone play hockey?

Cause it’s fun.