New Rink Facility Update

Glacier Ice Rink, operated by the Missoula Area Youth Hockey Association, is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board has been steadily working on their commitment to building a third sheet of ice and has issued the following update:

We intend to partner with Missoula County 4-H/FFA to conduct polling of Missoula County residents to determine public support for a general obligation (voter-approved tax) bond. If the polling shows that there is support, we will move forward on getting a GO bond on the 2020 ballot. If the support isn’t there, we will look at alternative funding through a combination of a revenue (loan from the County) bond and private funding.

We are also hiring a consultant to help determine the specific operating costs of a new rink. This will help us realistically determine what we can support in terms of building costs, debt servicing and operational costs.

We have had multiple meetings and two retreats with ice user groups (Missoula Jr. Bruins, Missoula Curling Club, Missoula Figure Skating Club and the Women’s Hockey Association of Missoula) working toward fully understanding ice needs and desires of each of these key stakeholders. The Board’s aim is inclusion and cooperation in efforts to fundraise, build and operate the new facility.

Much work remains to be done in this area to help ensure ongoing collaboration to effectively meet the needs of all groups.

Finally, we are working with the County to develop a new partnership agreement with the Fairgrounds. Since we are on County property, we must follow guidelines regarding building ownership and governance and want to ensure that a new operating agreement works for both our hockey programs and our various user groups.

Answering these questions takes time, and the Board is dedicated to moving forward to make the future rink a place for all Missoulians to enjoy. If you have any questions, feel free to email our Board at


Clarence Wildeboer, Board President