2023-2024 Coaching

If you are interested in coaching during the 2023-2024 season, please complete a Coaching Application.


Coaches must complete all requirements listed below. Managers and volunteers must complete steps 1, 3, and 4.

  1.  Purchase a 2023-24 USA Hockey membership and save a copy of your confirmation number (nine digits and five letters).
  2.  Agree to and sign the coach’s code of conduct.
  3. Complete Safe Sport training (required annually).
    • Most coaches will have to click the “Forgot my Password” link to gain access to this platform. After you have opened the link sent in the “Forgot my Password” email, you can log in to the site to access Safe Sport. Your username will be your USA Hockey number. This platform will tell you if you need to complete the course or a refresher course.
  4. Complete background screening, if needed (required every 2 years). The cost is $30 and MAYHA will reimburse coaches, managers, and volunteers for this expense. Please email Grace your receipt and current address, and we will process a refund check for you. All background checks must be done through this system.
  5. Register for a USA Hockey Coaching Clinic, if needed (please read below for more details).
    • ALL CLINICS ARE VIRTUAL. YOU MAY REGISTER FOR ANY VIRTUAL CLINIC, IN ANY DISTRICT/LOCATION LISTED. Please make sure to review the time zone for the clinic you are registering for.
    • Termite and mite coaches: Must have at least a Level 1 certification and can have an expired level, as long as they are exclusively coaching a 6U or 8U team.
    • Coaches who are coaching 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U, or 19U age groups must have a current certification. You may only move up one level per season. After coaches receive their Level 4 certification, they will need to complete 5 credit hours of continuing education within each subsequent three-year period (by the end of the expiration date of their current level).
      • Continuing education options are attending a Level 5 or other USA Hockey continuing education clinics. USA Hockey will provide more information on continuing education credits.
  6. Complete USA Hockey Online Age Modules, if needed. You must complete the age group level for the group you are coaching. These modules do not expire so if you have already done the module in a previous season, you do not need to complete it again.
    • Termite and Mite: 8U
    • Squirt: 10U
    • Peewee: 12U
    • Bantam and 14U Girls: 14U
    • 16U, 18U, High School, 19U Girls: 16/18/19U
  7. Attend the Positive Coaching Alliance workshop for coaches, or if you cannot attend the coaches workshop, register for one of the parent workshops instead. The 2023 coach’s workshop has already occurred, so coaches who did not attend are now expected to choose from one of the following options:

Grace Hoene, Youth Hockey Director
Cell: 406-550-5524
Email: grace@glaciericerink.com

SafeSport Training Video

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