Stick & Puck Sessions

Online registration for September programs opens August 25

Stick & Puck sessions allow hockey players of all levels to practice their skills during unstructured ice time. Youth sessions are for kids under 18; adult sessions are for those 18 and older, and all-ages sessions are open to everyone.

Sessions are one hour in length and attendance is capped at 35 players. Advance online registration is highly recommended and players must check in with staff upon arrival.


$9 per session on weekends and $6.on weekdays.


  • Helmets and gloves are required. Other protective equipment is optional but recommended.
  • Pucks are not provided. Players must bring their own or purchase one from the skate shop.
  • No scrimmaging, practices, or behavior that interferes with others.
  • Be aware of other players, especially when shooting or retrieving pucks.
  • Do not shoot at a goalie when his/her back is turned or purposely shoot at the glass.
  • Please follow age guidelines for sessions. Adults are not allowed on the ice during youth sessions

See our Facility Policies and Public Program Rules for complete information.

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