The Missoula Area Youth Hockey Association (the nonprofit that operates Glacier Ice Rink) board of directors voted in June 2019 to add $5 to every hockey registration and to every hour of ice rented for a capital improvement fund. This fund will be used to replace aging equipment in the current rink such as dasher boards, compressors, etc. or make capital rink improvements, such as locker rooms.

The goal of this fund is to reduce reliance on fundraising efforts for these necessary capital expenses and allow the rink to set a maintenance schedule based on the life of the equipment, not when money is raised. Money will be transferred to this fund at the end of each fiscal year and may be augmented by additional surplus revenue, per a board vote. The anticipated revenue each year will be around $10,000.

The organization also has a reserve fund designated for emergencies. Much like a personal emergency fund, this fund will only be used for unexpected expenses or should the rink experience a failure. This fund will maintain a minimum balance of $100,000, which is roughly equal to three months of winter operating costs.

If you have questions about these funds or the status of a new facility, please contact the board of directors.

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