9th annual Community Cup Hockey Benefit Tournament

November 29-December 1, 2019


  • Teams are comprised of players following Ty Robinson rules (see below)
  • Teams are guaranteed four games
  • Championship game for the top two teams with trophy to the winning team and prizes to the winners
  • Games will be 3-17 minute run time periods, with 3-minute warm up.
  • This is a no check, no slap shot tournament, and USA Adult Hockey rules apply.
  • Games start Friday evening and conclude by Sunday afternoon. Every effort will be made to accommodate out of town travel when arranging the schedule.

2019 proceeds benefit the Foundation for Community Health, Brain Injury Alliance of Montana, Dylan Steigers Concussion Project and adaptive skating sessions at Glacier Ice Rink

Ty Robinson Rules

Teams must be comprised of:

  • Up to two Cup/Advanced-level players (see winter season page for level descriptions)
  • Two Intermediate-level players
  • Two Novice-level players
  • Two women
  • Two players over 50 years’ old
  • One medical/dental personnel (must be in health industry)
  • Additional players can be a mix of other levels as long as they aren’t Cup/Advanced
  • Novice or intermediate-level goalie

1. A player can only fulfill one requirement – e.g., if the player is a Cup player and a doctor, he must be the Cup player and the team still needs one medical/dental personnel. Cup/Advanced players fulfill that role first – a female Advanced player fulfills the Advanced role, not the woman requirement.
2. Each Cup player is only allowed to score once per game.
3. If a team is ahead by 3 points, the goalie must play without his/her stick
4. The blue puck can be called for by a team once a game. When the blue puck is in play, it is worth 2 points. Each team is allowed to call for the blue puck during a game stop. The puck stays in play for 3 minutes or until a score is made.
5. Penalties follow standard rules.
6. No slap shots


$600 (US dollars). $200 deposit due with registration.


Ryan Geiges, Adult Hockey Director

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