Show your support for youth hockey and Glacier Ice Rink!

Since 2008, Glacier Ice Rink (operated by the nonprofit Missoula Area Youth Hockey Association) has relied on unrestricted revenue from the sale of youth hockey license plates. These plates generate approximately $6,000 each year, which helps offset the rink’s general operating costs.

The state legislature announced in early February that they were revoking all specialty license plates that did not meet a 400-plate minimum. Unfortunately, our plate was one of plates that did not have the appropriate number. The state has now given all organizations who did not meet this minimum a four-month extension to raise their numbers before the plates are permanently revoked.

We are currently at 193 plates and need to sell 207 more before the June 30 deadline.

$30 of every plate sold directly benefits Glacier Ice Rink and our mission to provide affordable ice skating, hockey and curling programs for our community.

Please consider buying a youth hockey license plate so we can retain this funding!

You do not need to wait until your vehicle registration expires. You can get a plate at the Department of Motor Vehicles by paying a $20 production fee and the $30 donation to the rink. Subsequent renewals will be $30.

If we can get to 400 plates, it will provide another $6,000 in unrestricted funding, which is about two weeks of our utility bills. This is crucial revenue for us and if we lose this funding, we will have to find it elsewhere, which might include making cuts in programs or raising our fees. Neither of which we want to do.

This is the only plate that supports ice sports programs in Missoula! Please be sure to choose our local youth hockey plate and not one from another area.

See the Montana Motor Vehicle Division website for more information.

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Glacier Ice Rink is closed for the season and will reopen in early September.