Private hockey rental

Private Ice Rentals

Whether you want practice time for your hockey team or to hold an office skating party, you can rent either ice sheet for private functions. Costs range from $180-$220 per hour depending on the month and time of day (see below). Ice is generally only available late evenings and weekdays during the busy season (October - March), with greater availability during the fall and spring. School groups and nonprofits receive discounted rates. Any rentals that require a change to our public skate schedule will be charged a higher rate.


Fall/Winter (August 26, 2017 - April 30, 2018)

Prime: $220/hour (4 to 11 pm weekdays, 6 am to midnight Saturday and Sunday)

Off-Prime: $200/hour (6 am to 3:59 pm weekdays, after 10 pm Fridays)


Spring 2018 (May 1 - June 22, 2018)

Prime: $200/hour (6 am to midnight, weekdays)

Off-prime: $180/hour (6 am to midnight weekends)


Please note that we do not provide pucks for private hockey rentals. Skate rentals can be included for $2 per person, and broomball equipment is available for $15. For more information on rentals or to check availability, please contact Laura Henning at or 406.728.0316.


See our birthday party page for information on parties during public programs.