new bleachers

Give a "seat" for new bleachers!


Amount Raised (as of March 2017): $87,000


October update: The bleachers are now IN thanks to the hard work of Tutt Construction and many volunteers! We are still in need of donations to help us reach our $100,000 goal so we can pay off the remaining balance of the loan. THANK YOU MISSOULA for helping us with this project. The response from our community has been overwhelming and we are truly grateful for everyone's support!


The case

Glacier Ice Rink must raise $100,000 by September to replace the bleachers that the former junior hockey team owner removed when he dissolved the team in May. As a nonprofit, replacing the bleachers puts a significant financial burden on us, as we have recently taken out an $80,000 loan to replace the failing cooling tower.

Not only does the loss of the bleachers make it difficult for our new junior hockey team to accommodate their fans, it affects the entire community of people who use our facility: The parents who watch their son score the game-winning goal; the figure skater who performs before her first audience; the firefighters who raise money for charity; the adult player who whose friends cheer her on during a midnight game.

These bleachers are for the enjoyment of ALL users of the rink and we can't afford to replace them.


Donate now!

We are asking people to help us reach our $100,000 fundraising goal by donating $100, which is the cost of one "seat" in the new bleachers. Of course we appreciate donations of any amount!

Your donation of $100 or more will be acknowledged on signage displayed at the rink. You will also be invited to a special donor recognition ceremony during a Jr. Bruins hockey game once the bleachers are installed. All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support and for "giving a seat" for new bleachers at Glacier Ice Rink!

Click here to make an online donation. Or, send a check made payable to GIR to PO Box 87, Missoula 59806, Attn: Bleachers.

Donors who Gave a Seat:

100 Seats ($10,000)

Farmer's State Bank; Fraternal Order of Eagles #32; Top Hat Lounge

50 Seats ($5,000)

Anonymous, Providence Health & Services, Bruins Hockey Moms rummage sale, car wash, corn hole tournament and Disney raffle

10 to 25 seats ($1,000-$2,500)

Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic; Axis Physical Therapy; Bee Jar Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation; GCS Research; Newell Kadas Family; Missoula Referee Association; Western Montana Clinic


Five to Nine Seats ($500-$900)

Jim Barber & Shirley Zylstra; Charlotte Beatty & Geoff Kellman; Beltz Family; The Blowers Family; Coffin-Lurie Family; The Elams: TJ, Maura, Kael, Kyan & Sherry; Heather Harp & Jeremy Keene; Aspen, Hayden, Elle Furrow and Rob Headley; Jeff and Catherine Ipsen; J&M Electric Intermediate GHL team (Anne Swentik, Cory George, Danny Blowers, David Barth, Gates Watson, Greg Howard, Jennifer Bowman, Josh Klare, Josh Tack, Kim Sieber, Mike Plautz, Richard Darne, Seth Romocki, Stan Smith); The Kindseth Family; The Leadbetter Family; Missoula County 4-H Council; Missoula Figure Skating Club; Ted, Val, RJ & Addie Moody; Diana Nash; Patrick Pozzi (P3 Brokers); Susan Ridgeway and Lar Autio; Heather and Matt Schmidt; Wheat Family; Whitewater Rescue Institute; The Wildeboers; The Willstein Family


Two to Four Seats ($200-$400)

Wendy & Paul Audiss; Austin Family; Maurice Austin; Marcus & Bridget Baxter; Bill Bevis, MC Jenni & Tom Jenni; Black Mountain Plumbing IWL team (Cathy Scribner, Pat Ortmeyer, Karen Kane; Shelagh More, Rosemary Polichio); Century Electric; The Boomer Family; The Chapmans; In Memory of Rod Cluphf; Jane Cowley & Brian Losi; DC Engineering; First Interstate Bank; for Flower; Holly Foster; Geiszler Steele, PC; Great Burn Brewing; Jordan Guffin; Rich Haines Family; Jacob & Kelsey Housman; Ink Realty Group; Joren & Emily Johnson; Kellenberg Family; Margie Kinnersley; Parks Family; Eric Penn; Nigel Priestley; Roach Family; Jen Robohm and Jack Mitchell-Robohm; The Schiele's: Nick, Colleen, Colton & Lain; David and Kerry Lechner; MacDonald Family; Tiffany McQuirk-Lambros Real Estate; Nate & Frankie Olson; The O'Neill Family; Issac Clark Perine; Specticca Optical; Cody & Trista White: Wilson/Ellis Family; Worden Thane

One Seat ($100-$150)

Anonymous; Valerie Barr; Campbell Barrett; Blunt Family; Jim & Carmelita Bullock; Ben Burda; Henry Burrows; Scott Cardinal; Mark & Diana Carpenter; The Charmans; Carnes Family; Illinois Cluphfs; Jackie Coffin; Lindsey Coffin; D'Ardenne Family; Greg Dillon; Emily Dillow & Stan K. Smith; Jason & Liz DiMatteo; Cheryl Dorsman; Donovan Doherty; Gillian Doherty; Jim Driver & Jen Stephens; Lee Dybdal; Kelly & Terry Easton; Lisa Eby; Howard Eisenbeis; SJ Elam; Tom & Patti Elliott; Shawn Gray; Emily Greenwald; Sheryl Gunn; Nathan and Jody Haines; Brady Harrison; Judy Henning; Laura Henning; Mark Hermann; Jay & Luanne Hintz; Tom Jenni's Reel Montana; Jack Justen; Allison H. Kluvers; Howard Knight; Lane Family; Edmond Lehuta (Neptune Aviation); Marielle Lemal; Lolo Peak Brewery; Lucas Family; Stephanie Mann; The McDougall Family; Andy and Katanya Morse; Brian Moses & Stephanie Schlauch; Conner Nash; 3/4 of a Half Nelson; Cassidy Panko; Russell Parks; Marjo Pereira; Nicky Phear; Sarah Phillips; Justin Rasor; The Riveys; Hugh Robinson; Brandon Scheffler; Shepard Family; Jared Sheffield; The Smarts; Bob Snodgrass & Rose Moffatt; Tim Scheffler; Jim Thornton; The Vaughans; Karen Wallace


John B.; Daphne Evans & Robin Mochi; Damon Hanson; Erik Harris; Sandy & Don Lund; Ramey Kodadek; Travis Newman; Ben Pepe; Traci Sylte; Susan and Richard Warshaw; Kim and Chuck Wilczyk; Jean Zosel



Thank you to the Missoula Jr. Bruins for donating game tickets for our donors!