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Glacier Hockey League is operated by the Missoula Area Youth Hockey Association, a nonprofit organization.

Tax ID# 81-0512974

 The 3rd Annual
Community Cup Logo

Glacier Ice Rink, Missoula, Montana
November 29 to December 1


Penn's Phenoms - tournament winners





Your tournament entry fee includes

  • All Teams will be Guaranteed 4 games
  • Championship game for the top 2 teams…prizes to winners
  • Games will be 3-16 minute run time periods, with 3 minute warm up.
  • This is a no check, no slap shot tournament and USA Adult Hockey rules apply.
  • Games start at 11a.m. or noon Friday and are expected to conclude by 5 pm Sunday or earlier.  Every effort will be made to accommodate out of town travel when arranging the schedule.  

 Ty Robinson Rules Mixed Division: 10-14 teams

What are Ty Robinson’s Rules?

Team Make up (one of each of the following)
Cup/Advanced—limit of 2
Women—minimum of 2
Over 50
Medical/Dental personnel (i.e. paramedic, EMT, Doctor, Nurse, MA, C.N.A., PT, etc. must be in health industry)
Any extra players can be made up of a mix of other players unless oth-erwise noted

1. A player can only fulfill one requirement, in other words if the player is a cup player and a doctor they will only be able to be the cup player and the team still needs 1 medical/dental personnel
2 .Each cup player is only allowed to score once per game.
3. If a team is ahead by 3 points, the goalie must play without his/her stick
4. The blue puck can be called for by a team once a game. When the blue puck is in play, it is worth 2 points. Each team is allowed to call for the blue puck during a game stop. The puck stays in play for 3 minutes or until a score is made.
5. Penalties follow standard rules.
6. No slap shots.

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